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"There's far more to Successful Staging than just "De-Cluttering" ....                        

We Dive Deep into the art and psychology of selling homes through our Cutting-edge Courses, Trainings & Supportive On-line Community 



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Our Key to Successful Staging...

We approach preparing homes for sale from an Energetic and Psychological angle. Our proven success derives from tapping into the Conscious & Subconscious mind of buyers while implementing principles of Design, Feng Shui and Law of Attraction

A multi-media learning platform for a Unique & Engaged experience

What's your favorite learning style?

 Whether your preference is  Video,  Audio,  Transcript or Live Conversation in a group setting ...  We've got You Covered!  With our variety of educational and social formats you'll enjoy Personalized learning, for a Personalized experience. 

Quest-style learning: Go at Your own pace, suit Your schedule & lifestyle

Convenience & flexibility are key in these busy, modern times!  

Research shows we learn & retain information best when received in small increments, therefore we provide our course content module-by-module.  Log into your Fastrack portal at your convenience, from any location, with 24/7 access  

A supportive network & community of Top Professionals, like You

When One Succeeds, We All Succeed!   Join our Stellar Community of Fastrack Pros who are setting the pace a leading the pack...

Learning, Collaborating and Celebrating our Successes Together!  

TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More!    


"If you are in the Real Estate business having professional staging training is a must with Tana Thompson. The insight that you gain from taking her course will be a "Game changer" for your business. She breaks it down into 6 strategies and details the plan of attack, room by room with simple and inexpensive changes that will "WOW" you. Having this training was an eye opener for me and avoids drawn-out stress with my clients. I strongly recommend Tana's professional Staging Certification class "

Vianey Yurkovich - Chandler, AZ
Revelation Real Estate - Your Home, Our Passion

One-of-a-Kind Methodology

Develop & Expand Your Staging Expertise the Fastrack Way!

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 Attend a live class with Tana! 

This unique course is "Realtor Gold"!  It's tailored specifically for Real Estate Agents, from the Realtor's prospective. Gain clarity & confidence in your abilities to guide sellers and learn the secrets to successful staging.  Benefit from the Synergy, Collaboration & Networking during this all-day live class with Tana & fellow Fastrack Pros.  

Launching Fall 2020


The Best Tool for your Toolbox!  

If virtual learning is the best fit for you, or you've participated in our "Live" class, and want a refresher, this class is perfect for you!  The Fastrack Strategies & System are presented in a Quest, the most cutting edge new learning format: The course is presented Module-by-Module, for time convenience, maximum comprehension and retention. 

Launching 2021


The Fastrack-Pro Community 

Join our tribe of Elite Real Estate Professionals!  "We can all survive alone, but we cannot Thrive alone".   Invest in yourself, your clients and your business.  Receive continuous relevant training including industry news, expert inside secrets and Collaboration via on-line masterminds.     Thrive with us! TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More!

Launching Fall 2020


We help You, help Your Sellers

Overwhelm, Confusion & Fear: The Homeowner's plight as they face the challenge of preparing their home for sale. Our Step-by-Step Bootcamp addresses every issue & concern. We ease their pain by simplifying the staging process and sharing creative strategies for "Staging on a Budget".  No more Stress, Frustration or Guess-work!

Color is Everything!

Bring out Your Inner-Pro with Tana's "Expert Designer Tips" for selecting Perfect Paint Color. Click the image below for your FREE Guide

We believe...

With Creative Guidance and a Strategic Plan, every home has the potential to be presented as the "Most desirable home in the community".  By forming subtle and deep emotional connections we capture the buyer's Interest, Hearts & Best Offers! 

Our Proprietary Fastrack Strategies provide a Comprehensive & Value-packed Roadmap to

Sell HIGH, Sell FAST!

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